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Guaranteed basic income

“Ideas can and do change the world,” says historian Rutger Bregman, sharing his case for a provocative one: guaranteed basic income. Learn more about the idea’s 500-year history and a forgotten modern experiment where it actually worked — and imagine how much energy and talent we would unleash if we got rid of poverty once and for all.


Change the world.

change the world

Change the world for a fiver

Change the world

Here’s our list of simple, everyday actions you can do to

help change the world (and have fun while you are doing

it). It could be doing something for the community like

shopping locally, something for the environment like

avoiding plastic bags, or something for you, like learning to

paint, sing or speak English …

Tick the items you would like to do to help change the

world !

01 Decline plastic bags wherever possible

02 Read a story with a child

03 Fit at least one energy-saving light bulb

04 Learn basic first aid

05 Smile and smile back

06 Take public Continue reading



Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain.


Paddy Roy Bates, who occupied an abandoned fort in the North Sea and declared it the sovereign Principality of Sealand with himself as its prince, has died aged 91, his son said on Wednesday.

Michael Bates said his father died on Tuesday at a care home in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s.

In the 1960s, inspired by the “pirate radio” movement, Bates set up Radio Essex on an offshore fort. When that was closed down, he moved in Continue reading

Gender-inclusive Language – How to avoid sexism

“A student must always try their best or his or her best”? Mailman, policeman, businessman? Is there a problem with using these words? Do we still use the words man or mankind to refer to people in general? This vocabulary and grammar lesson will teach you how to avoid sounding old-fashioned or sexist and how to avoid incorrect grammar.

If you want to test your undestanding of this English lesson you can enter the original web and answer several questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz:



Wall and Chain: a story of breaking down walls

Berlin 1987

My father was a guard on the west side of the Berlin Wall
while another man guarded the east.

Eventually they wall came down but even after moving away my 
father carried a piece of it with him.

While I grew up it lingered over all of us,
a barrier between him and the rest of the world.

I decided I would help by taking him back to Berlin 
to show him the beautiful place it had become.

When we arrived the stranger who answered the door
became familiar.

The guard who patrolled the opposite side of the wall now welcomes
 us as a friend.

After that things were better for my father.

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