Sesame Street and autism Thomas’s story

Hi, it’s your friend, Abby Cadabby. I love having different kinds of friends, don’t you? My friend Thomas is really special to me. He has autism and even though he doesn’t talk, he is learning a new way to let his mom and dad know what he wants. It’s really magical. Wait till you see.

This is Thomas. He has autism. Thomas doesn’t talk. He likes to play by himself sometimes. He throws dirt in the air and watches it float away. Thomas notices little things like that and how the edge of the roof is rough. I never thought about it.

Hey Tom, don’t you want to Continue reading

Digital Hygiene: How We Might’ve Fucked Our Attention Spans


Most of us have fucked our attention spans, I reckon and I’m going to suggest a remedy.

Like me, until recently, you may find that while you planned to have a productive Saturday,

you instead spent it on Youtube, and Facebook, and, and o t h e r s i t e s, and got nothing done.


Well, it’s because the internet is absurdly addictive, and can cater to anything, ANYTHING, you want to see.

And that’s wonderful. However… At the advanced, practically Continue reading